A Theory That Individuals Can Live With Better Health

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Matuska & Christiansen (2008) proposed a theory that individuals can live with better health, less stress, more satisfaction, and have a balanced lifestyle through particular lifestyle configurations. Ultimately, the lifestyle balance is what can lead to a better quality of life with higher satisfaction and health because it contains compatibility of actual and desired occupation patterns based on an individual’s environment. The model recognizes that people have different physical, social, and cultural needs and that they can vary over time. The balance is the result of the extent people engage in these different essentials consistently (Matuska & Christiansen, 2008). The model offers variability of satisfying the people’s needs by participating in diverse occupations. Thus, since people can meet their psychological and physiological necessities according to their unique environments, they can feel greater well-being, health, and higher satisfaction in life.
The occupation that I chose to engage in to satisfy my lifestyle balance was playing guitar. I played guitar long time ago and quit very soon. I decided to play guitar again to improve my fine motor skills and reduce my stress through a meaningful hobby. Being able to play guitar at a higher level would also improve my competency and self-esteem. There were many challenges such as painful fingers and frustration of not reaching the desired level soon. I also had to find time to practice consistently so that my skill…
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