A Thorough Demographic And Bio Psychosocial Background Of The Client

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Background: Give a thorough demographic and bio-psychosocial background of the client William Thomas is a 34-year-old African American man that lives in Killeen, TX with his wife, Sandra and his son, Timothy (9 years old). William entered the Grace Christian Center on June 23, 2016. William suffers from PTSD as a result of his combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2014. William served in the United States Army for six years, He enlisted in 2010 and exited the military on an honorable discharge February 10, 2016. During William service, he achieved the rank of Sergeant and served in two combat deployments. William has no known drug allergies but said that he refuses to medication which is why he is here to see Grace Counselors instead of the VA. William loves to shoot guns, exercise and play the video game call of duty. William has been having anger outbreaks and cry spells since he left the service just four months ago. His wife, who escorted him to the church said that they are constantly fighting over stupid things and that he treats her like he’s her soldier. William keeps trying to explain himself but he says his wife doesn’t listen. He’s not treating her like a soldier he 's just trying to point out some things and he doesn’t feel respected therefore he feels the needs to raise his voice and through a tantrum. Sandra said that he hasn’t been acting himself lately and that she thinks he really needs to talk to someone before it gets worse. She has

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