A Thousand Splendid Sons By Khaled Hosseini

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Valiant Young Women
Women in our country today might seem just as equal as men, but when you look at the whole world, they are nowhere near as equal. This is portrayed in the novel A Thousand Splendid Sons by Khaled Hosseini. From the beginning till the end, it clearly addresses problems like gender equality and the oppression of females in our world through the novel’s setting, the society and its characters. To make it even more evident, the two main characters Mariam and Laila are strong, valiant young women living in a male-dominated society. They don’t start out this way but work their way up to it as they fight for their freedom. This makes them stand out and adds a feminist opinion to the novel as they have their own thoughts.
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All schools for girls will be closed immediately
Women are forbidden from working.
If you are found guilty of adultery, you will be stoned to death. (Hosseini, 278)
Women are so oppressed in this Taliban lead society, that they hardly have any rights. Men are also oppressed as they are forced to do things like praying and growing a beard, but they are much better off than women in this society. Some even take advantage of this oppression, like Rasheed for example, Mariam and Laila’s husband. He had his suspicions about Laila’s daughter looking nothing like him, so he says to Laila, “I could go to the Taliban one day, just walk in and say that I have my suspicions about you. That’s all it would take. Whose word do you think they would believe? What do you think they’d do to you?” (282). He knows that women discriminated in this society and he uses this to threaten Laila. Another right that was taken away was their freedom to go outside, freely, without restraint. The Taliban said in their rules that if they were seen outside of their home without a man they would be beaten. When Laila tried to visit her daughter Aziza at the orphanage, Rasheed wouldn’t go with her so she would try to go alone and she was beaten every time: “Crossing the street, she was spotted by the Taliban and riddled with questions … If she was lucky, she was given a tongue-lashing or a single kick to the rear, a shove in the back. Other times, she met with assortments of wooden clubs,
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