A Thousand Splendid Suns By Saib E Tabrizi

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A Thousand Splendid Suns takes its title from the 17th century poem, “Kabul”, written by Saib-e-Tabrizi. This poem sings the praises of the Afghan city of Kabul (“Hosseini”). Khaled Hosseini uses the violent backdrop of an Afghanistan constantly at war to tell the story of two women from different places in life who are married to the same abusive man, and through them he paints a picture of the suffering, and strength, of women in Afghan culture. Kahled Hosseini was born in the pre-Soviet-controlled Afghanistan in 1965. His father worked for the Foreign Ministry and as a result, his family was relocated to Paris when he was eleven but returned to Kabul in four years later in 1980. The country had seen governmental changes as a result of a very bloody Communist coup. The Soviet Union pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989, leaving a nation in the throes of civil war. The Taliban became an ominous force in the country, imposing strict obedience to the laws of Islam. Even Kabul, the most westernized of Afghan cities, was the site of persecution (Eigo). Hosseini’s family was granted political asylum in the United States where he was educated and later practiced as an internist at Cedars-Sinai in California. The novel is based on his memories Forrest 2

of Kabul and the people closest to him, and on an experience he had when he returned in 2006 on a goodwill…

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