A Thousand Splendid Suns Character Analysis

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In A Thousand Splendid Suns and First They Killed My Father, we find the three female characters of Laila and Mariam, and Loung, respectively, in harrowing and dangerous political atmospheres. Both of the political atmospheres described in these two books expose these characters to harsh realities of war, abuse, starvation, and oppression; these characters must also come to terms with a rising body count around them. From Mariam’s perspective, we hear that “there was looting, murder, and, increasingly, rape, which was used to intimidate civilians and reward militiamen (Hosseini 253).” Despite these despotic circumstances, and perhaps in spite of the physical toll they take, the three female characters of these books exhibit extraordinary perseverance as a result of their tumultuous surroundings.
The most prevalent and threatening theme that each character experiences first hand, as a result of the dangerous political atmospheres they are exposed to, is starvation; we slowly see each character physically diminished throughout their stories. Loung describes vividly to readers, “I can count every rib in my rib cage, but my stomach protrudes outward, bloated like a ball between my chest and hips (Ung 83).” Similarly, Mariam recounts how starvation had ravaged Laila’s daughter’s body: “Aziza’s ribs began to push through the skin, and the fat from her cheeks vanished. Her calves thinned, and her complexion turned the color of weak tea. When Mariam picked her up, she could feel her
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