A Thousand Splendid Suns

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The novel “A Thousand Splendid Suns” is about a friendship between two characters

Whose names are Mariam and Laila. The novel described the perspective of the two women

And their relationship. Mariam lives in a Kolba with her mother. She is the daughter of a wealthy

Businessman. He lived in town with his three wives and nine children. Mariam wanted badly for

her father to take her to see the movie Pinocchio at his theatre in which he never showed.

Mariam left the theatre and went to his home in which he refused to see her and so she slept on

his porch. She returned back home the next morning to find her mother dead due to suicide

because she felt that Mariam had abandoned her. Mariam was forced to live with her
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One day Rasheed started to beat Mariam for something she did and Laila physically stepped in and stopped him.

Mariam was so honored on the fact that Laila stood up for her that she started talking to her and even gave her baby clothes. She also helped out with the baby.

Laila and Mariam hated each other but grew to love each other like a mother and a daughter relationship or best friends.

5. The character describes Rasheed as the villan in the book. Hes abusive and controlling and selfish. Hes selfish because one wife isn’t enough for him and when Mariam lost her child he had no remorse for her, he only cared about himself. Hes abusive because he nearly killed Laila for bringing Tariq into their home. He is controlling because he makes the women to things around the house and tell them when to speak or when not to speak and etc.

6. The author brings out the theme friendship because although Mariam and Laila didn’t care for each other they eventually gained love for each other that they looked out for each other. They took care of each other with whatever they needed. Another theme that was brought out was heroism because when Rasheed was beating on Laila nearly killing her Mariam took action and hit Rasheed with a shovel killing him. Mariam accepted her faith and told Laila to take her children and flee with Tariq. Mariam was prosecuted for her crime.
7. I think the tile “ A Thousand Splendid Suns” means
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