A Thousand Women In A Brave New World

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I grew up in a very poor country, where there were limited opportunities for progression. I would hear cries of many families. The story would usually start from a family friend, promising parents that their daughter could get a well-paid job as a waitress in foreign countries and could train to become a dancer. They would then be introduced to an agent who would pay for them to get a passport and arrange their travel costs. They would arrive at the airport, where securities are paid to be quiet and would meet somebody unfamiliar. Their passports would be taken away and be told to stay at a house occupied by many other women from abroad. Very soon, they would discover that the ‘job’ they were to do was to provide sexual services for men on…show more content…
As you hear/read this, there are hundreds of trafficked women globally in a state similar to that these young girls. Why has trading women and girls become a second largest growing business? Why are we being cold and cruel? Why are we humans selling humans? An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked every year, predominately girls. It is just an estimation, which means that the numbers could be more. There are 4.5 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation globally. Doesn’t that shame us all? Let’s stop reading statistics and start changing them. Why is putting a price tag on a woman so easy but letting her reach her full potential so hard? We are the only being that are capable of using our brain to achieve great things and here we are, against our own race. We are not this foolish nor cruel. Imagine being a mere price tag, a mere price tag. Can you Imagine being treated like an animal? How would it feel to not feel like a human being? How would it feel to not feel like a human being? Everyone should have the freedom to their body. Are you, we, willing to challenge this situation? We can bring a change. This has to
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