A Three Dimentional Analysis of My Personal Views

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Social Workers main objectives are to work for Social Justice, and invoke positive changes for future generations. Social work as I have come to know it is a helping profession on many levels. Social work is not concentrated on only one specific area of need, but targets many areas on a larger scale with vast opportunities in the field. As Hick (2006) states
Those who choose social work as their profession do so for a variety of reasons. In general, they appear to be motivated by a combination of humanitarian and egalitarian values, and by a desire to understand how society works and how to make it better for everyone. Frequently, a person is motivated to become a social worker following exposure to injustice and oppression.(p.16.)
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The only infraction to my un-earned privilege is that I am not a Caucasian male with un-earned privilege. I am a Caucasian female who was raised in a middle class neighbourhood. Being part of the middle class I was given many opportunities to explore drama, dance, and music; that is a privilege in itself. Some members of society who are not part of the middle class may never get to experience these privileges. I have learned that I fit into the cookie cutter mould of social acceptance. I do not pride myself on this, and wish that I could strip it away from my identity in fairness to others who are not so fortunate to be with privilege. The concept of stripping away my privilege is impossible; there is a better way to focus my efforts toward social change and fairness.

To address my disadvantage as being a female I am subjected to some level of sexism and violence against women. Even if I have not experienced violence or sexism these issues pertain to me as a female in our society. According to Carniol (2005) “The devaluation of women’s reproductive and other roles has involved, among other things, a mix of restrictions: legal, economic, social, and psychological. While different waves of feminism have challenged these complex restrictions, many gender inequalities remain. One of the most dangerous relics of patriarchal privilege is the belief that men have the right to boss women around and to punish them for disobedience.” (p. 24.)

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