A Time To Dance Summary

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In the book A Time to Dance by Padma Venkatraman, Veda is in a car crash and suffers a below-the-knee amputation of her right leg. She is a dancer who lives in India and is not going to stop just because of this roadblock. After she gets a new fake leg, Veda goes to a new dance school and doesn’t agree with the teaching approach. Worst of all, Veda’s mom doesn’t like Veda dancing from the start. With the support of her grandmother, Veda conquers challenges and realizes she is a stronger person than she originally thought. In the beginning of the book, Veda wins a dance competition. She is ecstatic that she won and she finally feels as if she fits in. Veda faces her first challenge when she gets in a deadly car crash costing her a leg.…show more content…
The instructor moved her to a class with the unsophisticated young children. This was the second challenge, one Veda must have never previously thought would affect her. All of the kids laughed at her when she fell. Veda must have just felt like a laughingstock. The dance instructor said he wanted private lessons with her and Veda agreed. The first lesson they had together was awful. Veda was already going through tough times and then on top of it all, the dance instructor had a different opinion of how Veda can improve on dancing. The two fought for most of the lesson and no progress was made. Veda must have wanted to quit even more. Her best friend Chandra convinced her to apologize to the dance instructor and a bundle of progress was made. If Veda had not been strong enough to apologize to the instructor, she would not have made the progress that she did.
Veda faced the most difficult challenges of any character in the book. Veda’s grandmother helped her get through most of the challenges she faced. Without her grandmother, Veda would have given up on dancing completely. Sticking to dancing made Veda a more secure person. Facing challenges like losing a leg and going to a new dance school helped Veda find a strength she never knew she
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