A Time of Peace and Cooperation between the United States and Iran

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What if I told you that Iran was once an ally of the United States? That there was a moment in time where there was peace and much cooperation among the Iranians and Americans? Today I am here to tell you that despite our current and recent hostile relationship with the country of Iran it was not always that way. I will take you through the origins of this relationship between these two countries throughout the Cold War all the way up until now. I will expand upon the key people that were involved and what their roles were well as the conflicts that arose between these two countries that brought much controversy both to Iran and the United States. To start off enlightening you about this interesting relationship between these two countries we of course have to start at the very beginning. In this case we are going to have to start post WWII and during the Cold war. With the aftermath of WWII the United Sates saw Iran as an important ally, as a stable oil resource as well as a way to block the expansion of the Soviets in the Middle East. At the time, 1941, Iran was neutral during WWII, though the Russian and British still continued of their invasion of Iran because of its close relationship to Germany and the fact that there was a big German presence in Iran. This made the Russians and British fear for the safety of their oil which was in Iran. The allies also needed to use Iran as a route to supply the Russian army. So Russia and the British went through with their invasion
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