A Time to Kill: the Story of Struggle from Racism

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The Struggles with Racism

A Time to Kill demonstrates how much racism, inequality, and segregation was going on in the early to mid 1960’s. The movie shows how African Americans were divided from white people in every circumstance. Inequality was very common for African Americans, and they were shut off from the rest of the public because of the color of their skin. Racism has always been a major conflict and it still remains with us in our society today. A Time to Kill really unfolds how hard it was for people of different races to get along. In the movie, A Time to Kill, a ten year old black girl is raped and almost murdered by two southern, racist white men. The only reason she was attacked and near death was because the two
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As a result, she was arrested and this caused uproar with the black people in Montgomery, Alabama (time.com). A bus boycott was deliberated which lasted 381 days. Rosa Parks became a symbol for justice and everyone around the United States looked up to her. She later became Deaconess in the AME church in Detroit in 1964 and in 2000 she had the privilege to meet with Pope John-Paul III. During her meeting with the Pope, she read a quote to him asking for racial healing (RosaParks.org). She will always be remembered for her profound act. Rosa Parks is known as the “mother of modern day civil rights movement” (RosaParks.org). The KKK is a very radical, racist group who use violence and threats against black people or sympathetic white people. The KKK first emerged in Tennessee in May 1886 (SpartacusEducational). From then on the KKK grew into the biggest racial bigots in the United States. The KKK is still somewhat around today and their biggest target is African Americans. During the 1950’s through the early 1960’s the KKK would terrorize the black community by lynching. Lynching is an illegal method used by mobs to kill a person. The KKK would often lynch black people by hanging them from trees. This act was so wicked and it shocked many people in America. Any whites who expressed their feelings about the suffering of blacks would also be attacked and sometimes killed. This was
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