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Author Isaac Asimov once wrote,” Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what's right.” This saying came to mind while reading both Montana 1948 and Brokeback Mountain. The authors, Larry Watson (Montana 1948) and Annie Proulx (Brokeback Mountain) both write stories with the internal conflict of man vs. himself. In Montana 1948 Larry Watson’s main characters the Hayden family cope with a situation of sexual abuse that forces them to search for their moral base and choose between right and wrong. Each member of the family begins at a different in their moral expedition, but eventually end up with the same internal resolution. Similarly, in Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain, the author sketches a picture of two men who live in…show more content…
They do not see their views immoral or amoral. Though, their morals do differ greatly from the stencil of the code that exists today. Like African Americans in the early stages of our country, American Indians are not viewed by all as equal to whites. novel. Prejudices are held, but they are not viewed negatively. They are the norm. In a way, they are the embodiment of the moral code of that time period. Consequently, these morals are challenged. The most interesting moral dilemma that exists in this novel is between Wesley Hayden and himself. Larry Watson declares this struggle when he writes, “Are you telling me this because I’m Frank’s brother? Because I’m your husband . . .or because I’m the sheriff . . . I wish you wouldn’t have told the sheriff.” (48) Here the reader sees the struggle between Wes’ duty to his family, his duty to his office and his duty to his morals begin to conflict. With a wife who is pressing him to do the moral thing, and a father who is threatening if he decides to do such, Wes Hayden must delve into his own psyche to determine what he believes to be the right thing to do. He must create his own moral code, and act according to it. Although Wes admits that he does not hold American Indians in high regard, there is something he can’t ignore in his brother’s actions. He tries to rationalize the situation, but then when the doctor responds

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