A Timeline of the US Healthcare System

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Timeline of US healthcare Slide 1 (1950s) In 1952 Republican candidate for presidency Dwight Eisenhower campaigned against national health insurance, after becoming president in 1954 he proposed a plan which would help the private insurance companies in broadening their coverage. Note section After the end of Second World War, drastic measures were taken by the government of United States in the introduction of measures which allowed the start of revolution in the overall healthcare department, here private insurance companies showed their role as the major player in the overall US healthcare system. "Private sector played a major role in the early development of the US healthcare system". (Walshe, 2003). Slide 2 (1960s) In 1962 President Kennedy took actions in providing proper health insurance protection for the population especially for the aged. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson introduced a health insurance program which was famously known as Medicare and Medicaid. Notes section The introduction of Medicare and Medicaid and reforming the insurance sector is done in this decade. Healthcare for the aged is given more concern by the Kennedy administration. "Insurance firms played a vital part in the evolution of the healthcare system" (Sheaff, 2002). Slide 3 (1970s) In 1971 Senator Edward Kennedy comes up with a national health insurance plan, according to which there should be a universal single-player type plan which must be financed by payroll taxes. In
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