A Totalitarian World Of The Future

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Topic 3: “Anthem portrays a totalitarian world of the future. In contrast to other such portrayals, the world of Anthem is technologically primitive. What does this imply about the nature of science and technology and the conditions for technological progress, and how do events of the story establish that view?” DELETE THIS WHEN FINISHED Since the early ages, advancements in technology were caused by people’s curiosity in the world and its functions, resulting in the technologically advanced world we live in today. For instance, the most famous scientists of the Enlightenment of Europe has shaped the current standards of science and technology. Ayn Rand depicts a totalitarian society set in the future in her novella, Anthem. However, her depiction displays lives of people who are not technologically advanced. In her writing, Rand suggests that science and technology can only advance if people, or an individual, has a desire for change or a curiosity about nature. From the beginning, the reader is able to tell that Equality 7-2521 is someone who is different from his peers, for he has committed grave crimes that could have potentially resulted in serious consequences. His actions are caused by his love for the “Science of Things” (23). Despite his love, he was ironically placed into the Home of the Street Sweepers when he clearly stated multiple times that he wished to be put into the Home of the Scholars. However, an individual’s tastes do not have an effect on their job
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