A Touch Of Sin : An Action Based Film Documenting Modern Day Exploitation

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A Touch of Sin is not simply an action-based film documenting modern day exploitation, but an angry, violent, satirical representation of what Jia Zhangke clearly sees as a “wasteland” in China. A Touch of Sin is Jia Zhangke’s attempt to present China as a globalized economic power suffering due to the new and aggressive Cultural Revolution of consumerism and money worshipping. Jia Zhangke’s A Touch of Sin is a pessimistic, but truthful, representation of the social and human price of a ‘successful’ economic reform. Jia’s film tells the audience the world is not a pretty place, and the modern Chinese world requires more than “a touch of sin” to survive. The faced paced economic changes result in a few elites making it big, while a majority of the people suffers. The new consumerism culture teaches people to admire and seek economic wealth. The concept of always wanting more, especially materialistic goods, is spread through the Internet and media. This notion fills many with poisonous envy. Jia focuses on weighing the social and political impact the fast-paced economic reforms have on common Chinese people. The film is strategically fractured and the divided stories follow four different struggling workers. The four narratives take place across modern china, suggesting the widespread state of unease and the presence of violence, with the different threads and characters developing indirectly with one another. The loosely tied stories are also in chronological

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