A Tour of the Human Body

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Welcome to our Fantastic Voyage! On this journey, we will explore how nutrients are consumed and passed through the human body before they are finally expelled. This journey will take us through the digestive, circulatory, and digestive systems. Our journey will begin after we enter our male test subject's system by inconspicuously entering the digestive system as part of his delicious, all-American meal consisting of a juicy hamburger, crispy french fries, and an ice-cold root beer. Our tour will begin as we enter the body through the mouth. As we are thrown about the oral cavity, please note how mastication allows our delicious meal to be broken down by saliva and the simultaneous grinding of the food by the test subject's teeth. It is important to note the different types of teeth that we see. As we move from the center of the mouth towards the back you will notice that there are two sets of incisors, a set of canines, and a set of premolars, which are followed by first and second molars (Thibodeau, 1992). The clear substance that is secreted all around us during this process is called salivary amylase. This mucosal fluid will allow us to travel smoothly to the esophagus and into the stomach. Right underneath us, at the bottom of the mouth is the tongue and right above us are the hard and soft palates (Gregory, n.d.). Quickly look at the tear-shaped tissue hanging from the soft palate before we are violently thrown into the pharynx and down into the esophagus. That is

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