A Tour through San Francisco

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San Francisco beats like a heart with too much blood. The city on the bay provides homes and shelter to the free-thinkers of America. If you are looking to expand your consciousness you should travel there and consider making it your home. The city is full of life and death with its inhabitants high and low. Look around and see faces born in wombs from around the world and see the same light in each one of their eyes. The mighty bridge that connects land with land and people to people stands tough and tall in all of its red-orange metal. The strong and thick wires droop down and add support to the many motor travelers that zip by each and every day. Does the bridge have feelings? Does it know what it does? When forlorn travelers jump of its edge into the hard and cool waters ending their life trips with one last step on your concrete. Jump jumper and don't look back, this is how you must end it. Does the bridge understand that its vision is what sticks into the heads of those who await to meet it? The streets of San Francisco, hilly and steep, is the field of hopeful interaction for all its residents. Street cars with loud bells patrol these streets looking to suck up passengers for fares and take them to their destination. Seasons are reversed on this street. The summer is cool, the winter is warm. Humid and salty the street wafts with thick fumes and portly imaginations. Eat in San Francisco and you will taste the history of its occupants. Oriental fare dominates
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