A Tourist Attraction Of London

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A fantanstic tourist attraction in London is currently the London Dungeons, which inacts a variety of grusome historical events, this is particularly targeted for teenagers and young adults. To make the shows authentic special effects are used in conjunction with, rides and live actors.
The attraction first opened in 1974, it was initially designed as a macabre history museum, but to increase popularity the Dungeon has been re-engineered to become an actor-led, interactive experience. Merlin Enterainments are the operator of The Dungeon. In 2013, the London Dungeon moved from its premises on Tooley Street to a new location near County Hall and the London Eye. This has proved to be a very popular area as there are now many different
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I will now explain each of the five key principles of marketing which include:
Understanding customer needs
Identifying and keeping ahead of competition
The need to be innovate
Communicating effectively
Dealing with constrains
Understanding the customer’s needs
Customer needs are problems that the customers intend to solve with the purchase of a good or a service. It is extremely important to understand your customer’s needs, as they are the most important element to any business or organisation; this is as without the customers there would be no business at all.
Businesses are able to meet their customer’s requirements by carrying out a series of research, for example business would research their target market, this would be to see what their target market wants and need from a particular product for example: if Apple were going to bring out a new laptop they may carry out market research to see what their existing customers wanted from a laptop. For example if they said that they wanted to have a portable and lightweight laptop, apple may then consider bring out a laptop that will satisfy the needs, such as the mac book air which was design to be extremely lightweight and thin so that it is easy for business men or women to transport it around with them if they had the need to travel to a meeting for example. A business will not be able to survive without carrying out
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