A Town Swallowed in Ash

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The forgotten city of Pompeii was once bustling full with life. In seventy nine A.D. Vesuvius had erupted and made a famous Roman Empire become covered in a thick carpet of harden volcanic ash. Horrible secrets of this natural disaster still remain hidden under the harden ash. On seventy nine A.D the Pompeian’s were living their normal lifestyle in the morning, and in the same day Vesuvius had swallowed their entire town of Pompeii in complete ash.
Pompeian had lived a normal life before Vesuvius disturbed their peaceful city. Despite Pompeii being located away from the Mediterranean Sea, they were still known as a seaport. Being a major stop helped bring money to the poor town, because the Romans build vacation homes on the bay. The Romans visited the scenery Pompeii had offered and also soaked up the sun. Farmlands inhabited the base of Vesuvius, volcanic ash from previous eruptions made rich soil. Farmers in Pompeii were known for growing grapes and olives; olive oil and vegetables were two of the major imports. If anyone was to look at a blueprint of the city, the layout of Pompeii would have been oval shaped. The Pompeian’s build an oval stone wall around their city. Seven arches scattered throughout the wall, making it their version of a utopia. Since Pompeii did not have any streetlights or road signs, traffic was a major problem. The Pompeian’s came up with a solution by creating an open square, which was used for pedestrians only. Citizens would come to the square
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