A Tragedy Makes A Hero Essay

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A Tragedy Makes A Hero Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy. A tragedy can be described and executed in many ways, whether it is through cinema, television or a play for theatre, as long as it has a solemn kind of ending. It is characterized as a very sad event, action, or experience for a certain character in the piece. According to Aristotle’s “Poetics,” a tragedy needs six elements, a plot, character, language, thought, spectacle, and melody, as in many dramas do, but the organization of the plot is how tragedy is brought about. (747) The plot – is the end for which a tragedy exists, and the end or purpose is the most important thing of all. (748) Tragedy often reveals a very basic message; whether or…show more content…
Here we see Medea as the protagonist of the play. However “Medea” as a play lacks self-conscious recognition of error by its characters. Nobody in the play dwells on their actions or the happenings around them. Like Jason, he never acknowledges his responsibility for the suffering he has created. Euripides’ insight that victims of an intense emotional wound not only turns against those who inflict it, but against their entire world of emotional connections, which is expressed in Medea’s opening lines, “May it be an enemy and not a friend she hurts!” (line 95) “What should be wept for bitterly. I hate you, children of a hateful mother. I curse you And your father. Let the whole house crash.” (lines 111-114) Aristotle and other commentators often criticized Euripides for having abandoned authentic tragedy in favor of grotesque melodrama. But tragedy is more felt than fitting inside a rule of thumb. “This world is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel.” (Horace Walpole) Because Medea lost so much, her children and husband, “Medea” is considered a tragedy, along with Jason’s lost. And the future fate of Jason or of Medea at the end, where the chorus mentions by affirming that the gods work mysteriously and often bring event to a surprising end, gives another sense of unfinished business for one of the two if not
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