Essay about A Tragic Event in Shooting Stars by Carol Ann Duffy

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A poem that I have recently read that deals with a tragic event is Shooting Stars by Carol Ann Duffy. This poem is explaining the hardships that the Jews faced during Hitler's reign in World War II. This poem is set during the Holocaust in one of the many concentration camps. It describes the pains and suffering that they Jews had to face up to but many more other innocent people were suffering as well because one person wanted to annihilate them.

The title of the poem is Shooting Stars. I've analyzed it and come up with a few ideas why it was called this. The initials of the title (S.S.) could refer to the Nazi storm troopers who killed the Jews in the camps. When you see a shooting star you make a wish. Maybe the Jews were wishing to
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They are very brave. They are standing up to the Nazis meaning that they deserve the memory and respect.

The Nazis on the other hand in this poem are described very badly. An example from the poem, ?Loosened his belt,? suggests that the Nazis acted very rudely in front of the Jew by loosening his belt either to rape her or to even use his belt to whip her or even worse, strangle or torture her using this piece of equipment. Another quote to show how bad they treated the Jews is, ?Click, Not yet a trick.? This suggests that the Nazis have taken the bullets out of the gun and pulled the trigger to frighten the Jews. By doing this they scared Jews and made them think that they were going to be shot and killed at that very second. I think that he/they are doing this to make or let the Jewish people know that their life could or will be over in any second.
One last example is, ?gossiping and smoking by the grass.? This suggests that the Nazis are laid back and acting very casual. They don?t pay respect for the dead. They are totally unconcerned or unphased by what is happening.

I think that the message of the poem is that we should never forget what happened to the six million Jews in World War II who died in the concentration camps. Even in the second last verse of the poem it gives us a hint. It says that, ?After immense suffering someone
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