A Tragic Hero As Used By Shakespeare. In, “The Tragedy

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A Tragic Hero as Used by Shakespeare In, “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar,” by William Shakespeare, you can see Shakespeare’s use of a tragic hero. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a play about how Marcus Brutus and Cassius contemplate the murder of the great Julius Caesar. The play discusses the planning of the murder, and the events that follow the catastrophe. Brutus is one of the conspirators in the murdering of Caesar and is also one of his beloved friends. Shakespeare incorporates traditional elements, along with his own ideas, to make a Shakespearean tragic hero such as Brutus. The traditional elements of a tragic hero include; coming from noble birth and suffering a catastrophe. Junius Brutus is Brutus’s ancestor, who lived 400…show more content…
Norman Sanders states in, “ The Heart of the Plot: An Unnatural Conspiracy” that, “ Cassius attempts to win Brutus over … by taking advantage of Brutus’s trusting nature.” (Sanders 39). Brutus’s trusting nature end up being what the conspirators used to deceive him. If he never would have trusted them and wasn’t gullible things may have gone differently. Sanders also states in his article, “ Brutus’s tragic mistake of believing rumors and innuendoes over solid proof of Caesar’s tyranny.” (Sanders 39). If Brutus would of listened, and avoided the lies, the conspirators would of never gotten him to join them. Brutus’s tragic flaw, his gullibility, is what caused the catastrophe to happen. Shakespeare adds on to the traditional elements, by having them suffer an internal conflict. As stated by J..L Simmons in, “Shakespeare 's Brutus: A Man Torn by Conflicting Values”, “Brutus’s moral dilemma about whether or not to turn on his friend, Caesar, and join the conspiracy...”(Simmons 61). Brutus suffered from the decision whether to kill Caesar, his beloved friend, or to ignore the conspirators and go along Caesar. He on one side, believes that Caesar hasn’t let his emotions get in the way as he states in 2.1, “ And, to speak truth of Caesar, / I have not known when his affections swayed / More than his reason.” (Shakespeare 2.1.19-21). Brutus loves Caesar as a friend, and that ends up conflicting him about killing
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