A Tragic Tale Of Three Sisters. On A Friday Night With

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A Tragic Tale of Three Sisters On a Friday night with the wind gently blowing, one steps into the Stilwell Theater and must ask an usher to find one’s seat. After finding the seat on stage-right at the end of the row, this audience member settles in for an unforgettable Kennesaw State University production. As the house lights dim, 2017 is but a distant memory as the stage illuminates and the audience travels across the ocean and back in time to Russia during the late 1800’s. The play, Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov was adapted for Kennesaw State University’s stage by director, Rick Lombardo. Three Sisters tells the story of four siblings who have lost both of their parents and now their lives are beginning to fall apart. The three…show more content…
The story begins on Irina’s birthday with all three sisters sitting around having a conversation. Olga cannot stop talking about their father’s death which happened a year earlier. Each sister seems saddened but not completely distraught over the situation. Masha is dressed in all black, and the audience can presume that she is dressed for mourning. The scene continues, and servants and visitors alike flutter in and out wishing Irina the best on her birthday. Olga and Irina wish for nothing more than to travel to their home city of Moscow and vow to return in the coming months. Near the end of this portion, Andrey proposes to Natasha, and as the next scene occurs, they are both residing in the house and have a child. During the rest of the play, each sister has her own problems occurring. Olga comes home tired each day from working with the children in her class. She is becoming disillusioned with being alone and wishes for a husband to have and to hold. While attempting to stay sane in her teaching position, she also is trying to keep the household from falling apart. Irina begins working at the telegram company but quickly becomes exhausted with the mundane, repetitive tasks of working for a living. She also struggles with the idea of being courted by the Baron, in fear that she will never be able to return to Moscow. Masha is unhappy with her marriage to Kulygin, feeling as if he is rather annoying and she got married too young. She

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