A Transformational Change Implementing the New Organizational Structure

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Abstract This paper is about an organization that it undergoing expansion. There are a number of key issues that will need to be addresses, including performance appraisal, promotions, communication and transformational leadership. Recommendations are given as to how best to proceed with this expansion. Body There is going to be a change in the organizational structure and this is going to provide an opportunity to address a number of problems within the organization. Morale is mixed, with many employees feeling that they are entitled to a higher management position, because they are not engaged in their current jobs. There are performance issues with many of these employees, so the company will need to identify the high performers for the new management layer. Creating high performance management is necessary for this project to work. The first aspect is getting the promotions right. This means doing two things. The first is defining the new positions and the second is identifying those employees who fit well with those roles. These are just as likely to come from employees who are satisfied with their current position as those who are not. Butler (2004) notes that high performance teams excel on three dimensions: production, work organization and employee relations. Those promoted, therefore, must exhibit all of these qualities. These will all be reflected in the qualifications for the new positions, so that all employees understand what they will be measured on.
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