A Transgenic Lines

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Three independent homozygous transgenic lines with significantly higher Os08g01480 expression were selected for further characterization. In early stages of vegetative growth on
Soilrite, no phenotypic difference was observed in transgenic lines in comparison to WT.
However, there was clear difference in bolting time between WT and transgenic lines
(Supplementary Fig. S2). The visible changes in early plant growth between WT and transgenic lines were analyzed through measuring root length after growth on ½ MS plates for 11 days. All the transgenic lines showed significantly increased root length compared to
WT plants. To study whether increase in root length was due to early germination, germination rate of WT and transgenic lines was compared. Observation suggests enhanced germination rate in transgenic lines as compared to WT. There was ~30% increase of seed germination in transgenic lines after 1 d and 2 d. While on 3 d, transgenic lines showed ~20% of increase in germination in comparison to WT (Supplementary Fig. S3).
3.3 Abiotic stress response of the transgenic Arabidopsis lines
To determine response of Os08g01480 in stress, transgenic Arabidopsis lines were germinated on ½ MS media containing different concentrations of HMs for 11 d. Significant root growth inhibition was observed in WT and transgenic lines exposed to different HM concentration. However, tolerance was observed in transgenic lines as compared to WT plants (Fig. 1). During 5 μM As(III), 100 μM As(V),…
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