A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

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The setting changes while Francie continues to mature into a woman. She becomes 16, and is beginning to lead a life of her own. The family leaves the grieving they had for Johnny behind. Not only does Francie start out with a clean slate, so does the rest of the Nolan family. After the two and ½ years of mourning for Johnny, Sergeant Mc Shane asks Katie to marry him. War rages through the country. While he and Katie make arrangements for the fall wedding and gifts of money and whatnot, Francie makes headway in her personal life.

In college, a handsome young lad holding the name Ben Blake, seems to fancy Francie as they go on various study dates. He helps her cram for college entrance exams. Though she fails the first time, she later tries again and gets accepted into Michigan University that Ben chose for her to apply. Meanwhile, Katie receives a gift of $1,000.00 from Mc Shane, which she later uses for Francie’s college money, and a gift to Evy- $200.00. Laurie Nolan gets her last name changed to Mc Shane. The Nolans move from their humble apartment flat to the rich Mc Shane house. Neeley grows older and Francie can’t help but notice he is so alike to Johnny.

When the Nolans are finished moving, Francie says goodbye to all the places she once treasured; Carney’s where she hauled junk, Cheap Charlie’s, where she tried to win prizes but never got any, Mcgaritty’s saloon, and the library. Lastly, she sees Florry Wendy in her fire escape, reading and watching the streets
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