A Trip To Disney World

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1. It is amiss not to say "Thank You" to someone when they do something nice to you. 2. The brawl from across the street was so loud, that other neighbors had to tell them to be quiet. 3. Many celebrities are detested because of the silly and childish things they do in public. 4. Two years ago, my family took a domestic flight to Florida to go to Disney World. 5.When they teachers told us to be quiet and do our work, it was flagrant when someone broke the silence by "coughing." 6. My biggest flaw that most people don't like is that I can't sit still. 7. We noticed that the new employee was a fledgling by the way he took our orders by asking us over and over again. 8.Looking at this illusion so flustered that I couldn't see clearly.
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