A Trip To South Carolina Essay

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We have now begun on our journey to South Carolina. I can’t wait to arrive, though I am worried about the travel there. When we first set out, father spoke with James, Elizabeth, and I. He finally thought it was time to tell us about Lexington and Concord, I don’t think he knows I know so much about it already. Though he told us some things I was not aware of. He said that, even though the colonists lost so many men they still considered the battle a victory. This confused and surprised me, they thought this because they took a stand and upset King George the third. And turns out that these two battles had started a revolutionary war! So the colonist are currently fighting for there freedom from the British. I hope the colonists win this war,…show more content…
The whole family was in tears, but we also knew we needed to continue on our way down south. Mother was most upset, she just wanted to hold him one last time but I was afraid to let her. Thinking it would make things worse, I refused to let her hold him.Then we held a makeshift funeral we laid him in the hole we had dug last night. From there we all spoke out and said what he meant to us and how we will miss him. Father then began filling in the whole. As he did so, we all had one big group hug. It will take all of us time to move forward but we will get there. We now continue our journey, leaving little ol’ Will behind. He will be missed. Ok, so it has been days since I wrote last. I know it might seem weird that I am not starting another, but I never officially ended this entry. Anyway, I have been informed that we shall be arriving in South Carolina by nightfall. I am so excited, mostly to see Emaline! Though I am afraid to spend time with her, due to my sickness. Who knows if we will be allowed to get together, are parent might not let us. Though I am truly hoping they can put money differences behind them. Miles, Alice, Ann, and Elizabeth were all running alongside the wagon playing tag. I would like to play too, but I do not want to upset them by winning. So I will just do my own thing for now, mother could use my help knitting
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