A Trip to the Oregon Coast

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Imagine a place where you can sit on the beach as the waves roll in; the smell of the sea and fresh fish cooking in the distance at a nearby restaurant. A place where you can experience a thrill of blasting over the sand dunes at high speeds in a buggy, visit aquariums, and see wildlife up close. Imagine a place of relaxation, watching the whales migrate across the ocean. A place like this can only be one of a kind, the Oregon coast. The Oregon coast would be a great place to spend a vacation, it’s inexpensive and relaxing. So how much would it cost to go to the Oregon coast? What kinds of attractions would one be able to see? Is there stuff for the kids to do as well as adults? What kind of food do you get to eat when you go to the…show more content…
I interview a really close friend, Sheena Stigile, who loves the Oregon coast and has traveled there at least once a year, if not more. She said, “The Undersea Gardens help to push your knowledge allowing you to feel as if you are in the water learning about the amazing life that lives under the sea”. Her quote really gives a sense of the atmosphere that a patron may experience. Visitors walk down into a room under the water; there they will be able to watch a live dive show. They will also get to see a verity of specimens anything from a wolf eel to some of the largest octopus in the world. This sounds like a fun and exciting adventure most will not forget. The costs for the Undersea Gardens are as follows: Adult $9.95, Child $5.95, and ages 4 and under are free (Oak Bay Marine Group).
Stigile continues to tell me about the tide pools and how they are one of the fun and more interesting things available on the Oregon Coast. The tide pools are located in several areas along the coast. The pools range in price, the cost for the tide pools are due to the fact that some of them are maintained by the state and require a fee similar to that of a state park. However not all of the pools require payment, there are also some free of charge. “The tide pools form when the tide and water are in, the sea life begins to grow and expand overtime on the rock formations. When the tide recedes the pathways show where you can walk through allowing you to
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