A Troubled Detective Investigates The Murder Of Another Cop

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A troubled detective investigates the murder of another cop that leads to a deep conspiracy involving nuclear material.

The script TRACERS is a mystery crime-thriller. The script offers twists and turns, police corruption, double-crosses, a deep conspiracy, moral choices, and murder. The idea of Nazis and a nuclear conspiracy add an interesting twist to this tried and true crime thriller. In addition, the story takes place in a unique time (1960’s) and location.
The goal to solve the murders and unravel the conspiracy is clear. The stakes are very high. The structure is goal-focused. The protagonist must overcome plenty of obstacles to get to the truth. The theme of trust is examined. Essentially, a cop is place in a
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Then eventually the hunt leads to Heineman but the audience knows most of the bad guys. Then the twist about Harry is revealed early and so there’s no major twist left.
Most of all, the audience spends a long time invested with John in tracking down the perpetrators, only for the ending to be unresolved. This doesn’t provide for a satisfying ending for the audience. Granted, the story appears to be based or inspired by true events, but it’s still most likely not going to feel satisfying for the audience. They want to see the hero win on some level.
There’s an obligated romance between John and Elaine. While Elaine presents as a smart and intriguing character, as structured now the attraction doesn’t feel authentic. It feels as if it’s created as an obligation for the film to include a romance rather than the relationship being genuine.
The other concern is that John feels a bit too generic as a character. He doesn’t have a personality that stands out. It’s pivotal that that the audience relate with John as a hero. However, he’s rather depressing. He does learn to move on with his life and let go of his wife. As a detective, he remains the same. He picks his career over his wife.
In contrast, Heineman is a smart and worthy foe and his background is certainly chilling. However, he competes with a lot of other “bad guys” and so it’s easy for him to get lost.
It seems that the story should focus more on the Harry vs. John

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