A True Battle Against Drugs in Go Ask Alice Essay

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In “Go Ask Alice”, Alice is a normal teenager. She just wants to be accepted by her friends and her family. However, she gets influenced and tries drugs in the process. Whenever she’s stressed, drugs are her only constant friend. Throughout the book, she battles with her addiction, and she eventually dies because of it. When she first tries drugs, it was accidentally. She doesn’t really go out looking for it, she gets surprised by it. On page 35 it says, “I sort of asked Jill what happened and she said that 10 out of the 14 bottles of coke had LSD in them and, “button, button” no one knew just who would wind up with them. Wow, am I glad I was one of the lucky ones.” The drinks at Jill’s party were spiked, and Alice didn’t know. However,…show more content…
They struggle at first to make it, but they do eventually. They get “turned on to drugs” again. After a traumatic sexual assault, they leave the area to open a store, which they then leave to go back to their families. Again, they say that they won’t do drugs. Everyone wants them to sell, but they try to resist. They end up doing drugs again. Alice runs away again, this time on her own. She struggles to survive, and only cares about drugs. After a few weeks, she breaks down and calls her parents. She goes back home with them. Again, she swears off of drugs. The kids she used to hang around are pressuring her to do drugs again, and even start bullying her. This time, however, Alice stays off of drugs. She deals with the bullying. She meets and falls for a nice guy and she’s closer with her family. Things start to look up when she’s drugged. Her family believes her, but she is sent to an insane asylum. It’s very difficult, but she gets through it and is let out. Alice has gone though a lot, but things start to go well for her. She’s with Joel, her family loves her, and she’s friends with kids that don’t smoke or drink. She stops writing in a diary, but dies a few weeks later because of an overdose. Either she was drugged or she started doing drugs again. Throughout “Go Ask Alice”, Alice is constantly battling drug addiction. Whenever things start to go bad again, she starts using them again. On page 89 it says, “Anyone who says pot and acid are

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