A True Education Should Be An Unforgettable Experience

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It is important for a person to have a strong spiritual life for life experiences to be beneficial and fruitful for his souls. A true education should be an unforgettable experience, which makes an impermeable impressions on a student 's soul. It should stay with them for the rest of their lives so that they might live in the truth and beauty of God 's creation. Consequently, it is, therefore, important for students, when being educated in school, to obtain a strong spiritual understanding, so that they may view and discover the world as God created it to be viewed. In a truly Catholic school, the strengthening of the soul of the student must be the primary goal in order for it to grant their students a true catholic education. Naturally, the school must strengthen the students souls by helping them practice virtue in their daily lives, the most important virtues, the cardinal virtues; faith, hope and charity from where all the other virtues flow. While a true education develops a person 's mind to discover truth, a true catholic education also has the responsibility to develop one 's soul to discover their faith. Faith is strong belief based on spiritual apprehension while reason is the justification for a certain belief. The Catholic Church teaches that faith and reason together bring Catholics to the fundamental truths about God and man and are by no means separate. In school, teachers trains students to ask questions so they may be able to use resourceful reason and

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