A True Miracle Of A Miracle

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This story is about a miracle. A true miracle. I was three when my paw paw Tony, my dad’s dad, had a heart attack. This heart attack should have been life ending, had it not been for my paw paw’s co-worker. For 30 minutes, this co-worker did CPR while waiting for an ambulance. By the time my parents got to the hospital, my paw paw was breathing on a ventilator. They were told that there was no hope, that he was not expected to make it even a week.
What happens next? The doctor may have said there was no hope, but my paw paw did not need hope. He had something much greater on his side. For hours a day, my parents, relatives, friends and church members of my paw paw’s church prayed. They prayed without stopping. “My girls, they are too
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When he saw what I had done, he simply laughed and wrote my name under my foot prints. “Now I will never forget whose tiny feet these are.”, he said to me while wiping them off with a towel. On December 4th, 2009, I was at school sitting in my 3rd grade classroom, when I was called to the office to leave school. Puzzled, I walked into the office to see my mother waiting for me. She had been crying. When we had gotten in the car, she told me my paw paw had had a stroke. “This does not look good, Syd.”, she had said to me. I simply sat in my seat and said nothing. If there is one thing I have always been thankful for, it is that my parents never treated me like a child. I was only eight at the time and I did not understand much of it, but still my parents included me in what was going on. They sat me down and explained to me what was happening with my paw paw. They told me he did suffer a stroke at home. When I had asked what a stroke was, they told me it can happen when the brain does not get enough blood supply. They told me that it was too late to help him, that all we could do was make him comfortable and make sure that he knew we loved him. So I made sure that he knew. Each day, I would make him a card, or I would write him a letter and take it to him. The days I couldn 't go see him, I 'd send it off with my mom to take to him. The days I could go, I sat beside him and I talked to him. He never responded. So I prayed. I prayed
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