A Truth Revealed Essay

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A Truth Revealed “A Life Revealed” reveals more than just the identity of a lost woman after seventeen years, but the struggle of many under a religion-based government at odds with one another. Government is the highest level; a level that everyone else in the world can see and use to assume what the lives of its people endure day by day. But very few can see the struggle of the common man under this harsh power. We assume that the common people are just as greedy and stubborn as their government, something that needs to be erased from our minds. Gula’s youth has been taken from her, that we can see just from the angry look she gave the camera on that fateful day. So that we may prevent a life such as hers to continue to be such a common trend…show more content…
She wears an outfit covering everything on her body, and her religion goes against the mere eye contact with another male other than her husband. She was married at a much younger age than any American could imagine, and every day she is forced into the role of a quiet housewife, taking care of the home and her children. She was never able to pursue a life outside of this, thus ripping her childhood away and aging her face and angry eyes. Her figure was softened, but not the anger that she continues to feel to this very day. Cunegonde finds herself in a similar situation, forced into a role proposed by men, for men. Another connection to Candide could be the use of Pangloss to represent an entire group of people. Just as Gula, Pangloss represents all blind optimism in the world, just as she represents all Afghan women living in the Middle East, bound to their countries and its many flaws. Despite all of this, a silver lining shines faintly. The young girl that haunted us all represents to this day an entire culture of women, just as Cunegonde does; the Middle East has not yet reached the Enlightenment as most of the rest of the world has, and they are in desperate need of it, just as
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