A Turning Point Is A Stage Or Occasion In Life Where An

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A turning point is a stage or occasion in life where an individual undergoes a major transformation of views about the meaning of life and self-identity. Emma is the character who exhibits a major turning point based on her actions in ‘Terms of endearment. ' Emma’s turning point occurred when she realized that she was suffering from a terminal condition. Emma’s realization that she was suffering from cancer and that she would soon die formed the basis of her ideological transformation. Not only does Emma realize that she is about to die but also believes she is powerless and cannot do anything to preserve her life. As a mother and daughter, Emma is extremely disturbed by unfolding events further underpinning a major turning point in her…show more content…
Emma’s indifference towards her mother especially when warned about h the potential impact of her marriage to Flap is a clear indication of her indifference. She treats her mother’s concerns indifferently even though Aurora raises core questions about Flaps personality. Among her core concerns is that Flap is too immature to be her daughter 's husband. However, Emma’s attitude towards Flap is unchanged as a result of her indifference leading to their marriage. Emma’s actions before and during the early stages of their marriage is a clear indication of her character and high self-esteem before she learned of her terminal condition. She values herself as a very important person in the family whose decisions cannot be influenced by anyone else not even Aurora. Before her turning point, Emma’s personality was characterized by more open expression of sexuality. This is captured in the beginning of the film where she expressly exploits her sexuality by displaying her physical assets as her and Patsy relax on the front lawn. Her provocative posture attracts the attention of men carrying the goods of an ex-astronaut, whom lives in the house next to Emma’s. This is a clear indication of Emma’s identity before her turning point. She not only values her appearance, but likes to be the center of attraction. She takes pride in what she does and how she presents herself to the
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