A Twist in Childhood

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That moment I got bullied and pulled down to the ground by rough children, I learned a quote that “curiosity killed the cat”. My body got numb even if it had wounds and clothes dirty as they continuously kicked and threw mud at me. I was thinking to shout for help but no one came to help. At that moment, I had no choice that fighting back was the only option. I fought back and rushed back home.
Long time ago, it was 1998. A new day, a new beginning. I was born in a small country where hard-work was the key to success. Oh, my sweet parents who worked hard and guide me to make life much easier. My family were middle class and they could only buy things that were needed. I was the only child in the family. When I was five years old, Dad and Mum enrolled me to a decent catholic school that had a motto of “Veritas Omnia Vincit” meaning “Truth Conquers All” and where bullying was strictly prohibited. Teachers taught good manners and discipline to students. I had many good-disciplined classmates and we were competing for our grades and soon we became friends.
Home was not far away from school but my parents always guided me safely home. Every time I was going back home, I always saw street children who wore torn clothes and rags, begging for money and food. Thanking my parents for how fortunate I was, but then I admired and treated them like famous wrestlers because of their iron like muscles that I feared…

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