A Unified Accountability System For All Law Enforcement

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Title: A Unified Accountability System for All Law Enforcement
Topic: Police Accountability
Specific Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of centralized procedures directed by the DOJ, which ensures every law enforcement agency and police officer have the same process for action accountability, and how the procedures will foster lawfulness and legitimacy within the community.
I. Introduction
A. Accountability in law enforcement is an element that is vital to effective policing across the United States. 1. It is one of the fundamental principle in our democratic society.
2. It is the bridge to foster a relationship between the community and local law enforcement 3. Officials need to hold agencies and officers accountable.
4. Legitimacy in law enforcement is the public’s belief about an agency and their willingness to recognize their police authority (National Institute of Justice, 1999). B. The problems associated with the societies’ perceptions about local law enforcement agencies and their actions. 1. Law enforcement legitimacy is a must for a community to have a good relationship and officers and agencies to have accountability.
2. There is accountability at the agency level and accountability of the individual police officer.
3. An agency is accountable for their performance in the controlling of crime and community disorder and meeting the requirements to provide different police services to the public.
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