A Unified Standard For Classification Of Reality Tv Programmes

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Nowadays, reality TV programmes appear on the television screen with varied types and mixed styles. It is difficult to find out a unified standard for classification of reality TV programmes’ types. In western countries, the most frequently mentioned types of reality TV programme by different scholars are infotainment, docu-soap, lifestyle, reality gameshows, talent competitions, relationship reality TV shows, etc.

According to these different classifications and from differences of diverse shows’ content and formats, reality TV can be divided into following eight types:

Outdoors “Survivor”-style
This type is always one of the major types of reality TV. CBS’s Survivor is the most typical programme. There were 16 participators from different social backgrounds, occupations. They were taken to a remote isolated location and given the most primitive tools to live in this environment about one month. The whole precess used elimination system. The final survivor will win 1 million dollars.

The main feature is that participates will be arranged in a harsh environment and complete hard tasks with the help of limited conditions. After continuous eliminations, determine the winner.

Experience of situation
This type’s programmes arrange participators into a sealing environment and recode their state of living and changes of interpersonal relationships. Participators’ daily life, especially individual privacy, will be exposed in front of audiences. During the process of…

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