A Uniform Policy: The Best Strategy to Attain the Best Education

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All parents want their children to have the best education possible. Indeed, school should be an enriching experience for all ages and students should be provided with the tools and environment to achieve their maximum capability. The best way to accomplish this goal is to introduce a uniform policy to public schools. In 1994, the first uniforms were required in the schools of Long Beach, California; since then, other public schools have followed in their footsteps, also adopting uniform policies (Chen). The president of the Long Beach School District gave his comments on the effectiveness of uniforms, saying, “These schools are becoming educational workplaces. Students arrive dressed for success, ready to learn. They’re getting along with…show more content…
Uniforms can be considered a good investment. If uniforms are still too pricey for families to afford, many schools offer financial aid to cover the costs (“Archived: Manual on School Uniforms”). Students in public schools often wear expensive, designer clothing in order to fit in. With today’s fads and fashions constantly changing, kids may expect their parents to always be purchasing them the newest styles, which can be quite a financial burden (Asaff). Uniforms reduce this problem for parents.
Schools can reap many social benefits from uniforms. School can be a source of harassment and cruelty for many students who are judged or rejected because of what they wear. Uniforms remove the pressure many students feel to dress a certain way to fit in at school. Over 75% of public schools reported a decrease in peer pressure after introducing uniforms to their schools (“School Uniform Benefits”). This statistic may be related to the fact that uniforms increase students’ confidence and better their self-image because they no longer have to worry about dressing to fit their peer’s standards (Brunsma and Rockquemore 53). They aren’t defined by what they wear anymore, but by their character, which can be a liberating experience for young people. School uniforms promote equality among
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