A Unique And Forward Thinking Organization

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I would like to introduce Taking Positive Steps & Associates. A unique and forward-thinking organisation, spearheaded by Claudine Duberry an author and entrepreneur. Taking Positive Steps, delivers bespoke training services, which is supported by research to professionals, students and young people, designed to raise the awareness of the incidents, and affects of gang behaviour impacting on those from Black and Ethnic Minority backgrounds, and the wider communities. Taking Positive Steps also provides additional solutions to tackle the issue of gangs in schools consequential thinking, and divert children on the periphery of gang membership from getting recruited into a life of crime and under achievement. Notwithstanding this Taking Positive Steps is able to offer a holistic resettlement service to resettled offenders, which the government has recently termed as ‘Through The Gate’ Why is the Taking Positive Steps brand of services required in schools, colleges and universities? § ONS unemployment figures indicate that around 628,000 youths were jobless in are jobless in the UK in September 2015. § This data further indicated that 1.66 million were economically inactive (not in work and not looking or available for work). § 50% of BME youths are unemployed in the UK § BME exclusion rates in schools are proportionately higher than white students § Afro-Caribbean males and other ethnic groups are underachieving at GCSE level. Many children who have been
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