A Unique Approach: Education in Public and Charter Schools Essay

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A Unique Approach: Education in Public and Charter Schools School choice: two words that together spell out a multitude of educational options for students today. Among them are charter schools and public schools; public schools standing the test of time and charter schools being at the forefront of a revolution in educational change. Surprisingly, these two educational institutions have more in common than one might think, but maintain their differences. Key differences between charter and public schools include approach to education, funding, level of government involvement, and enrollment practices. Despite these differences, both charter and public schools share the following features: free of charge to students, required to…show more content…
(WestEd, 2010) On the other hand, public schools purpose is to provide a free education to students within the communities they serve, and receive assistance via funding from taxpayers in their community. Charter schools and public schools receive funding from state and federal government that allows them to provide students with a free public education. Student enrollment is a key factor, which determines the amount of funds school receives. (WestEd, 2010) However, public schools, unlike charter schools, have the ability to levy taxes within their communities in order to help with the cost of education. (MN Association of Charter Schools, 2010) A key difference that separates charter schools from traditional public schools is the unique approach charter schools take in education. Unlike traditional public schools, charter schools have the freedom and flexibility of designing their schools around the unique needs of the students it intends to serve through its charter. (WestEd, 2010) Public schools must comply with certain rules and regulations. As a result, there are minimal opportunities to have a voice in educational decisions, like choice of curriculum. A distinguishing element of charter schools is their freedom from the rules and regulations of government, which inhibit the choices of their public school
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