A Unique Leadership Style And Transformational Leadership

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Leadership is the process of motivating others toward completion of a common goal and/or task. Luthans & Avolio (2003) also introduced the concept of authentic leadership development, which is one of the many psychological perspectives of leadership. Authentic leadership is often defined as a pattern of transparent and ethical leadership behaviors’ that encourage openness in sharing information needed to make decisions while accepting followers’ input (Bass, 1999). I truly believe deep in my heart that I have a unique leadership style; I believe that I am a combination of an authentic and transformational leader. Transformational leaders are prone to instigate followers to amend expectations, perceptions with the ability to motivate workers toward a common goal. According to Burns, “leaders followers make each other to advance to a higher level of moral and motivation” (Burns, 1978). A leader that is able to move others forward in a positive manor is often considered a leader that uses positive organizational behavior which is the process of leading which focuses on positive constructs such as hope, resiliency, efficacy, optimism, happiness, and well-being as they apply to organizational commitment of employees. According to Berkovich, “A key element in all existing definitions, however, is that authenticity involves becoming aware of one’s “true” self” (2014). A leader must first understand his or her own needs prior to subjecting others to ones views or opinions. A
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