A University Of Tampa Freshman

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As a University of Tampa freshman, I would have never guessed how much progress I could have made as a writer in class FYW 100, taught by Professor Birnbaum. Coming out of high school from one of the most prestigious, well-known schools in the nation, gave me an ambiguous amount of certainty to receiving an A in her class. Before beginning my journey in college, Jesuit, which was a college preparatory high school, gave mandatory four-year English courses to every student. With that being said, there was no doubt of me coming into freshman year of college with high confidence in my English skills.
When classes first began in August, Professor Birnbaum informed our class about the four essays in which we would write throughout the course and be graded on strictly. In addition, we would also get into small groups weekly to gather ideas and improve our paper. Nevertheless, the first essay began. We were told as a class to write an essay on a personal experience in which meant greatly to us, so I wrote about a speech I gave in front of 700 people. I spent less than three days working on the essay with only one revision. In result, I received an outstanding grade of a 93, boosting my confidence in Professor Birnbaum’s class greatly. She commented on the paper that I needed to work on my verb tense, sentence structure, and mechanics that distract readers through the paper. In addition, she also let the entire class know that she would not be lenient in the next three papers and
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