A University 's Ethics

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As Americans look towards the idea of college today, some may agree that the overall goals of a university have drastically changed since the popularity of higher education has increased. If one were to ask the universities what their core values consist of, most institutions would boast about student academics and growth being at the top of the list. As this response may ring true with most colleges in the US, specifically smaller schools, the increase in funds for research and athletic programs have seemingly overtaken the attention of larger, more competitive universities. Higher education has become a more popular choice among ambitious adults, providing them an opportunity to move up in the working world. Further, with this…show more content…
Students, paying thousands of dollars a year to attend college, deserve to receive a decent education; however, this is an ambiguous outcome when the professors are not being compensated as well as they should be. The educators are delivering the actual learning work while most administrative positions sit in an office all day and get paid more than twice as much for their labor.
The values surrounding university athletics have also become a controversial topic of interest among Americans. Over the years, collegiate sports, especially football and basketball, have evolved into commercialized teams around the country. Almost to the level of a professional team, college athletes receive special treatment and an excess of benefits; one of the most significant benefits that most of these athletes collect is free tuition. Depending on the school, colleges will additionally cover a student 's housing, dining, and supply fees; not to mention all of the free equipment that already comes with being a college athlete. Derek Bok of the Princeton University Press writes an article about the commercialization and corruption of college athletics, saying, "Admissions offices are importuned to
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