A University 's Team Academic Measurement

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APR Overview
The APR is intended to be a university’s team academic measurement over a four year period. It was widely considered a reform effort to increase graduation rates among student-athlete in Division I athletics.
The APR is calculated by a series of steps relating to a student-athletes eligibility, and graduation rates. In the APR calculation each student that is on scholarship receives one point for staying in school as well as being academically eligible. The total amount of teams points are calculated, and divided by the maximum amount of possible points a team can earn. Then the number is multiplied by 1000 and that is used to determine the teams APR for that academic year. The NCAA warrants consistency among institutions, and assess APR rate over a four year period. The four year period hold institutions responsible of student athlete’s progress towards degree in a four year period. That is because measuring student athletes that are scholarship would create steady data among all colleges/universities. Before the APR was implemented there was always a concern for student athletes on scholarship completing their degrees. Scholarship athletes have more to lose and walk on athlete have less to gain. In the popular culture walk on athletes were not a liability when it comes to achieving in the classroom. Typically it would take an athlete four years to complete a degree, and that is a similar standard that correlates with students at a university.

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