A Utopian Society On A Small Remote

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Thousands and thousands of years from now in a time when humans no longer walk the Earth, how will future beings know what their role in this large, vacant world should be? An imperative message that future people must discover and obey shall be their only way of knowing what once was, and what soon shall be, as long as they don’t mimic the actions of the Plutarch people. Future beings must heed the warnings of the Plutarch society and follow the guidelines set for them in this message, since the Plutarchs are the original reason for the conveyance of this fundamental message. In an attempt to create a utopian society on a small remote, biologically diverse island off the coast of Florida, the Plutarchs divided their people into three…show more content…
Ultimately, malnutrition and an unsterile amount of scattered, decaying bodies rooted an epidemic of disease to attack the Plutarch people. Between the disease and war, two-thirds of the islanders were wiped out, and those who remained were compelled to turn on one another. With bone marrow and flesh still stuck between his teeth, the last Plutarch man eventually died of starvation, leaving the island at peace at last. Due to the Plutarchs, the once beautiful Plutarch island had disintegrated into a graveyard of soil and rotting body parts, with all vegetation and forestation destroyed. The Plutarchs illustrate exactly why the creation of message for future people will not only discourage them to perform the same mistakes this society once did by killing off their own people, but to not kill the Earth as well. For a message like this to last its encoding must be durable enough to withstand all overgrowth, destruction, and changes to the environment that may occur. That is why a message as important and vital as this must not only be engraved into a ceramic block, but encased in diamond as well. The diamond encasing of the message will not only serve as a protective barrier, but the diamond is also a clear transparent crystal, which would enable future people to see the message inside. With this intention, the message must first be engraved into the ceramic block with four sides to

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