A Variety Of Collaborative Approaches

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Evaluating the Relative Effectiveness of a Variety of Collaborative Approaches In today’s educational environment, the need to evaluate an educator’s approach to methods and techniques of teaching has reached a critical level. The collaborative culture in the schools allows for sharing of expertise and ideas which make for a strong learning environment (Grand Canyon University, 2012). While various collaborative approaches to education have, according to recent surveys, found favor by many, resistance still abounds. The effectiveness of collaborative approaches varies based upon leadership, time constraints, budget restraints, willingness of the participants, and personal observation in the learning environment. In spite of its limitations, one can argue that a collaborative approach to classroom education is an effective method of increasing the learning opportunities for all students.
School Collaboration Time Leonard & Leonard (2003) suggested that
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Based on classroom data collaboration is a key in the implementation of making changes in strategies and for higher performing achievement in student’s learning levels. Administrators must allow effectively collaboration within the community during school time; which allows teachers and colleagues a deeper understanding and stronger connection with students (Shea, Sandholtz, & Shanahan, 2017). In addition, there are different approaches in effective collaboration in the classroom and in the school curriculum. Making provisions for teachers to work together before or after school hours may require reallocation of resources or securing additional funding (Leonard & Leonard, 2003). Administrators think it is imperative that teachers sharpen their skills with the collaborative community so all students can have an opportunity to learn. Thus, it is essential to the future well being of all students to have a quality education in order to face the challenges in the global world market of
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