A Vast And Complex Subway System Into Causeway Bay

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You are stepping out of the MTR a vast and complex subway system into Causeway Bay, a shopping square usually filled with commuters and tourists. Normally filled with shoppers and commuters, thousands are now standing in the middle of the street blocking oncoming traffic. People stay in tents overnight occupying the square, shouting, and rallying around a common belief. Democracy. They are protesting against China’s government who had promised them democracy and haven’t given it. Suddenly police show up and order them to disband; they refuse. After hours of standoff, the police pull out their sticks and their tear gas and attack. Peaceful protesters are arrested and scattered. Every two years I walk these very streets. We visit family,…show more content…
From watching the news and looking at social media I know the gist of what happened. I know that the people were protesting China, who was appointing the nominees for their leader when the people wanted to pick the nominees for themselves and believed that it was promised to them by China in their agreement after buying them back by Great Britain. After weeks of protest, police started getting violent, using tear gas, and sticks, as well as arresting the protesters. From the point of view of the people of Hong Kong, China was oppressing the people and breaking the deal they had with them. Watching both Chinese and American news channels, many people side with the protesters and that is likely due to the fact that they also have prior biases. I wish to learn more about both sides and be able to objectively decide who was at fault, who crossed the line, and ultimately do the people have a right to protest? I want to answer questions like What was the deal made between the two places? Was China being too harsh on the people? Was a compromise possible and ultimately, what was the outcome of the protests? I believe that my research process will go well because these protests were very well reported and discussed. The sources I hope to use are sources such as new articles, interviews, and primary sources. During

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