A Vegetarian Diet

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Humans were created to be vegetarians by natural design due to evolution. A vegetarian “diet can meet current recommendations for all [suggested] nutrients”(Position of American Dietetic Association). Benefits such as a healthy diet, lowers risks of diseases and risks of specific illnesses, financially low cost, and support of animal rights. Other problems that arise from producing livestock for slaughter are the ecological impacts that result due to cattle production, pollution of ecological systems, horrors of meat production , waste of natural resources, and a lifestyle in which humans are more prone to diseases. There are many ways the environment is degraded through production of livestock as a major food source. The adoption of a vegetarian diet is more beneficial to the planet due to a smaller ecological impact on the Earth. These negative impacts on the environment and the individual can be resolved with the adoption of a vegetarian diet because this diet provides several beneficial results in life today.

A vegetarian diet is a lifestyle choice that consists of a diet made of foods that come primarily from plants.Vegetarian diets include a variety of “many health promoting phytochemicals”(Winston), which are found in fruits and vegetables. A diet that is vegetarian may consist of little or no animal products or byproducts. Humans were created as vegetarians by natural evolution. Humans have flat teeth used for eating vegetables, fruits, and grains. Humans were…
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