A Vegetarian Lifestyle

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Imagine blood dripping off the walls, streaming into huge drains, and innocent animals being slashed open. Their screams echo throughout the halls of the slaughterhouse, but their screams are not alone. They are not alone because even the bloody granite records the past. Guess where this all happens? Not a horror movie, not in Japan. No, this happens in a slaughterhouse located in the United States. Now pick up that hamburger, and take a good look. One may see those poor souls of innocent animals flash before one’s eyes. If one looks, then one can see the unjust treatment these poor animals have to go through to just die. An individual might rethink meat in general if a slaughterhouse had see-through walls. A vegetarian lifestyle is not only beneficial because it can save animals, but it also saves people. A vegetarian lifestyle includes a more beneficial diet than one that consumes meat. For many reasons it is best to be vegetarian because it saves people from health problems, and because if the country keeps using all of these nonrenewable resources, what will people have in the end? The answer is nothing.
Being vegetarian is not always about saving animals, it is also about saving people. It may come as a shock but by becoming a vegetarian one is basically healing oneself for the better, so why would anyone want to avoid that? The answer is many individuals get the meaning of vegetarian confused with animal protesters, and nature enthusiasts, which in turn has these
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